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About me



My name is Ashley, also known as Ilunaneko, 
I'm a Dutch cosplayer and Theater designer who started this hobby in 2010. When I started I had no idea how big this community was. I went to my first convention, Abunai, with my best friend and Cosplay partner Annelune. Ever since then I was hooked! 

I started creating costumes, learning new techniques and making friends from all over the world. 
In all those years of cosplay I had the honor of Judging a lot of competitions, hosting Workshops and Lectures about various topics, and I even had the chance to represent the Netherlands in multiple worldwide competitions! 

Aside from Cosplaying, I have a degree in Theater Design. I'm very lucky my hobby connects to my workfield, as I can combine my everyday life with this amazing community! 

I hope I will be able to share my experience and love for this hobby with all of you, and I wish you all the best in all your future plans! 


Name: Ashley van der Linden (Ilunaneko)
Date of Birth: 22-01-1995
Height: 1.68 m
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: Dutch and English, some Japanese
Occupation: Costume Designer, Model, Theater Designer, Cosplay Entertainer 
Residence: The Netherlands


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