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Supporting me!

Thank you for wanting to support me and my work as a Cosplayer! 
Supporting a cosplayer can make al ot of difference in their carreer and it means the world to me! 
Support can come in many ways, and i appriciate any support equally as much! 


Follow my Socials

Recommend me


Buy Prints or Products

Buying my Prints or other small items from my Etsy store can help me a lot! These items are handcrafted by me and are all made with love! 


Commision me

In need of a Costume or Costume Piece? You can Commision me for a custom order! These orders are not only super fun, but you will also recieve a one of a kind customized costume! 


Follow me on social media and interact with my posts! Leave a Like, Comment or share my work on your socials will help me see other perspectives and get to know more people!

Recommend me as a cosplayer for a convention near you, so we can get to know each other and other people can discover my work! Sending a convention an email to recommend me as a Guest helps me a lot!

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