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Working with Ilunaneko, Conventions: 

Do you have an event where you’d like to add some extra magic to by inviting an international cosplay guest to judge the cosplay competition, host panels and meet with cosplay fans?

Or perhaps you’re looking to generate lots of hype for your upcoming video game, DLC, movie, series or other product in the form of a social media campaign with cosplay crafting content.

Or maybe you’d like to send me your product for review or want me to work with your tools/machines, materials or costume accessories?  

I have good news, because you’ve come to the right place! I am the artist you are looking for! 

Booking me for a convention or event will include but is not limited to:

* Appearing in Quality Costumes while the event is going on. 
* Judging cosplay competitions ranging from Walk-ons to Pre judging and international preliminaries 
*  Hosting main programming events such as costume contests, Fashion Shows, Idol Contests, Opening Ceremonies, Charity Auctions and more

* Hosting panels and workshops on a dozen cosplay-related subjects including:
- Cosplay abroad
- Bodyshaping in Cosplay
- Cosplay competitions tips and tricks,
- The different types of cosplay competitions
- Cosplay Make-up 

- Working with Costumes: the Theater Life
- Cosplay: From design to costume
- How to prepare for a Cosplay Competition
* Signing autographs at merchandise table/booth or other appropriate setting​
* Photo Ops with attendees

* Advertising and Promoting at a specific Booth in costume

Aside from appearing as a Cosplay Guest, I have also helped organise the cosplay and competition aspect of multible conventions worldwide. In all my years of competing I got to experience competitions not only as a cosplayer in the competition, but also backstage as a judge, helper and organiser. I love to share my knowledge and help conventions to bring the best experience of competitions to their attendees! 



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Working with Ilunaneko, Media: 

Booking me for Media   Purposes will include but is not limited to: 

* Appearing in Costume while the Media event or Program is going on. 
* Explaining and giving insight on the world of Cosplay across the world, from an experienced Cosplayer and Costume Designer.

* Professional Content Creator for brands, products and Geek related items.  Brand or product specific content  can be in the form of Photo's or  Video's . 
* Hosting Programs as a Cosplayer, including appearing in Costume 
* Promoting Products and brands on social media and other Media brances 
* Costume Commisions for brands to promote a certain release. Making a specific high quality costume which includes video and pictures of the costume! 

* Perform in Characters events or Streams! 


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